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Video is a proven way to get your message across.

For over 12 years, Rock Island Media has developed premium content for use across multiple platforms - broadcast, web, and in-house.

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Invested In You

Every client benefits from our honest, straightforward approach, vigorous work ethic, and passion for everything we craft. We work with local to worldwide brands - including adidas, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Subway, nike, Evinrude, Hewlett-Packard, HD Radio, and many more - and are personally invested with every project.

Let's brainstorm about ways to inspire your audience.
Creative Development
2D/3D Graphics and Animation
Work Samples
When it came time for HDRadio to pursue their first consumer outreach campaign, they turned to Rock Island Media. We developed a national campaign based on the theme of "The Future of Radio", and created an entire 3D world to tell the story.
"Tasty sandwiches, meet graphics animation". Combined, they lay the groundwork for this national commercial.
hint kids
hint water has no sugar, only the essence of fruit, so this commercial touts it as a healthy alternative to the typical kid's drink. We pulled together the edit, graphics, and color work.
Bruce Titus Automotive
To drive home the idea of respect for the customer, we produced a series of spots that featured a fake car dealership named Kidd Automotive, staffed entirely by kids. Each spot had a different take on what makes the Bruce Titus experience better.
Beachbody Fitness
Body image and fitness is a big deal. To make the "Pump" workout plan even more appealing, we handled the editorial and graphics development for the campaign.
HD Radio Vehicles
Implementing a complete 2D/3D graphics environment, we created a series of videos to demonstrate the capabilities of HD Radio. tailored to each manufacturer and model.
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Health care can be a confusing maze. This campaign helped set the stage for the new enrollment period, with Rock Island Media handling the editorial, graphics, and coloring.
This restaurant was looking for an old-world style of video, showcasing the craftsmanship that goes into each meal they prepare for their guests.
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